Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Obligatory Gen Con Post 2015!

Hello everyone! Has it really been since April? Apparently I ran out of cool things to say over the summer. But I do have cool things to talk about now!

Gen Con is tomorrow! Well, early Gen Con is tomorrow. It's time for that big gaming convention in Indy. I will be there like always, either at the Third Eye Games booth (2017) or wandering around the con. Here's a list of my schedule, though I do have many meetings planned throughout the con that are not listed on it.


  • 3PM Third Eye Games Booth Set UP
  • 6PM IGDN Social at Loughmiller's Pub
  • 10AM Being a Booth Howler with Eloy
  • 4-8 Pulsars Mk. 1!
  • 8-Midnight Pulsars Mk. 2!
  • Safeguarding the Realm Eternal of Third Eyegia, the Booth located at 2017!
  • 2-6 Wu Xing
  • I will be attending the Pre-Ennies meet and greet, but after that I will be free to chat with people about Pulsars and other work.
  • 10AM Wu Xing
  • 2PM Catching the Costume Parade (if possible)
  • 6PM Dinner with fellow Freelancers
  • 8PM Second Dinner with other Freelancers
  • 10PM DUELING ELOY FOR CONTROL OF THE COMPAN-I mean, hanging out with people!
  • Networking day, where I may even get to see this thing called the "Exhibition Hall" but in reality will be handling meetings.
If you want to get in touch with me, shoot me an email at JKMyth at Gmail (dot) com! Or hit me up over on Twitter at JKMyth.

I will be around on Sunday and Monday as well, for interested parties.

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