Monday, August 25, 2014


This year will be the first time I attend Dragoncon. Dragoncon, located in Atlanta, is one of the biggest conventions in the United States. It's known for its large Cosplay fandom, for big media stars such as the Walking Dead cast being in attendance, and for its roots in the gaming community.

I admit, I'm a little nervous about going. Yes, even I sometimes feel awkward in public. While I'm sure this will be like other cons I have been too this will be a very large con in a city I do not know. For all I know, Tusken Raiders may lurk in the dunes around the city, marching in single file lines to hide their numbers and using strange blackpowder weapons in what is clearly a blaster rich universe.

....Atlanta's based on Tatooine, right? I'm pretty sure I saw it on a map once.

I have no formal schedule for this trip! My previous schedule was wiped clean, so I'm looking for fun things to do in the city. Things that have been suggested for me to check out are...

  • Golem Arcana. My friend Michelle runs demos for them, and she wants me to check it out while there.
  • The Dragoncon Cosplay Parade! Saturday morning there is a huge march in Atlanta where people show off their amazing costumes. My prediction: 103 Deadpools. 43 Attack on Titan cosplayers. Maybe one Wild West Exodus cosplayers.
  • Walking Dead panel! I have been asked by a friend to hug Daryl but as I do not normally hug people I shall attempt to send him an air hug.
For those who live in Atlanta, what are your favorite restaurants? 

What exclusives are you guys chasing at the con?

I want to try out more demos this year, and hopefully fill the voids in my Rom and Green Lantern collections. 

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